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What I’m reading: Francesca Mariani offers a top pick

Francesca Mariani: In a recent study in the journal Cell, Kyle Loh and colleagues in Irving Weissman’s group established a rapid protocol for converting human pluripotent stem cells into mesoderm—the progenitors for heart, skeleton, muscles and a variety of other […]

Developmental Biology study describes how Prkci helps organize organisms and their organs

A gene called Prkci can point cells in the right direction, according to a new study in Developmental Biology. In the study, USC Stem Cell researcher In Kyoung Mah from the laboratory of Francesca Mariani and colleagues demonstrated Prkci’s role […]

Development study uses zebrafish to understand the role of cartilage in bone repair

Scientists have long believed that the processes required for embryonic development are recapitulated during the regeneration of damaged body parts, such as fractured bones. In a new study published in Development, USC Stem Cell researchers Sandeep Paul, Simone Schindler and […]

Divya Patel wins first prize at high school science fair

Congratulations to CIRM Star student Divya Patel, who won first prize at the science fair at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School for research conducted in the Mariani lab. For her project, she identified the developmental stage at which the […]

Lab publishes paper in Stem Cell Reports

When it comes to stem cells, too much of a good thing isn’t wonderful: producing too many new stem cells may lead to cancer; producing too few inhibits the repair and maintenance of the body. In a paper published in […]

Lab launches new website

The lab is pleased to introduce our new website.

Lab publishes paper in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

In a new study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, a team directed by USC Stem Cell researcher Francesca Mariani takes a closer look at rib regeneration in both humans and mice. To read more, visit

Francesca Mariani, Gage Crump and Jay Lieberman win Regenerative Medicine Initiative Medicine Award

Francesca Mariani, Gage Crump and Jay Lieberman have won a Regenerative Medicine Award, funded by Carmen A. Puliafito, dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC. The team will focus on potential ways to repair human bones through lessons […]